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 Photon-Noobing :D

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PostSubject: Photon-Noobing :D   Photon-Noobing :D Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 6:19 am

Neo and I met today on the FFA-Server. Because there were only Noobs, we decided to noob too and played Photon. Even eith noob-weapons we still pwned (me more than Neo). Here os the proof:

Photon-Noobing :D Photon10

Neo couldnt handle the Photon as good as me, but it was a nice fun...
After and after other good ones came (Meshuggah, Sayed) and we went on noobing...There should be a european noob-weapon tournament, with weapons allowed are: Photon, Bazooka and Chain Gun, the secondary weapon must be Kamikaze... Very Happy:D

Photon-Noobing :D Megaki11

You wanna fight me??? Ratatatatatatatatata will be the last thing you hear...
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Photon-Noobing :D
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