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 Tactics for 3v3 on DM-Field

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PostSubject: Tactics for 3v3 on DM-Field   Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:36 am


Yesterday Nath, Ya˘ and I played Like a Star @ heaven . For them musek^, Rush and Thuder were playing.
First round was 4-4 on Crazy (the match was 4v4 because Mnk and Joker were available). Tactics there were quite good ( i would have scored if the game was like 5 seconds longer Very Happy ).
On Rawr Like a Star @ heaven won 4-2 ( I wasnt really happy with our tactics, but thats another thing)... That will be another topic.
After that round there was a discussion between Thunder (who said the match is finished) and the rest who ofc wanted a 3rd round. In the evening Thunder committed his error...
So a third round was wanted. Here was a big problem: Which map???
We suggested Paintball and Thorns, Like a Star @ heaven wanted other maps . at the end we agreed to Field and we got owned 6-2 or so. Because that made me veeeeeeeeery unhappy (and also Ya˘ and Nathy, we have to really think about solid tactics on Field.

My suggestion: (screenies will be posted later):

Def: 1 player, eitherm a Shotty owner (Ya˘, Ratatata) or a good Def-SMGer (Zaj, Gero, Tof, maybe Ulis FT). Semi: a Sniper (Nath, Mnk Ratata maybe also) and offense Sayed (SMG) or Uli or Shotty. This all depends on who plays, let's say: Gero, Mnk and Uli play for WTI. So the positions are these: Gero (Def/SMG), Mnk (Semi/Sniper) and Uli (Attack/Ft).
This is what I think of positions.

2nd important thing: SPAWNING POINTS!!!!! I need 4 WTIs for finding out the spawning points. So, pleaaase, Sayed, Nath and Tof and others: When you are online and I am online we should work on it. Especially on Field controling where the ennemy spawns is FUCKING important. And in 3v3 its still controllable.
So, what i found out: spawning point only depends on ennemy position, not on your teammates. That's why I only need 4 players: 3 reds and one blue. I hope we will get this done as soon as possible.

This is my critics for now, Nath and Ya˘, if sth comes to your mind that i forgot: post it pls!


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Tactics for 3v3 on DM-Field
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