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Localisation : Nantes (Fr)
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PostSubject: Ya   Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:39 pm

- Name ingame: WTI | Ya

- Age: 20

- Nationality: French

- Occupation:
Layab... hmm... student in a bullsh... hmmm... engineer's school

- Hobbies: Music, video games, smoking weed, chess... I've been playing the guitar for about 7 years and the drums for about 5 years. I like to play the piano too, but just for fun, I haven't really worked on it.

- Other games: Counter-strike, BF2, Starcraft...

- Fav' weapon: Shotgun! And dual machine gun... like the sniper too! Smile

- Fav' game mode: Team Deathmatch!

- Playing style: Don't really know... I like to defend... I'm quite adaptable though

Well that's all for the moment folks I just hope this clan is gonna be one of the greatests really soon! See ya! Razz
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